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05 January 2014

Matthew Collings: a Great Art Critic on an Internet Radio-Cast

First published April 15, 2007


Here is a link to a good interview-cum-discussion with Matthew Collings, one of my favorite “art commenters“ or critics. He can be vicious, flippant, London-boosterish, London-dismissive and cynical — yet is always interesting, far more intelligent than I think he wants to let on and very insightful about current art and the artworld.

Collings is an artworld star in his own right. In print, such as Modern Painters, on the radio and in various TV series about art. Furthermore, he is a successful abstract painter in his own right, disproving the oft-espoused claim that critics are failed artists. Perhaps more surprisingly still, he often, very often, doesn't actually like art now being made. Yet, he is passionate and fervent even in his distaste for the prevailing trends in post-modern art. It has been said of him that “with his eloquent and engaging approach to art criticism, he is one of the foremost art critics.” I agree. Get an enjoyable taste of him here on Radio New Zealand in an interview (about 40 minutes) with Kim Hill:

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