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20 January 2014

And Yet Another CC Genius

First Published October 29, 2007


This person has similar credentials to the last in many ways. Caro Niederer, a Swiss artist, wife (I think maybe now ex-wife) of David Weiss of the superstar Fischli and Weiss humorous Conceptual art team. (Their most famous, and most wonderful work, is the Rube-Goldberg-like film “Der Lauf der Dinge.”) Represented by THE premier and most well-funded Swiss gallery, Caro is highly career-success motivated and has had all the correct connections, due to her liaison, and knows how to use them. Unfortunately, she has spent almost no time or motivation on developing any technical ability or heart. A true study in “Alessandro-Allori-ism.”

She paints purposefully bad paintings, at first very small, which she then often has made into huge wall-carpets by sweatshop workers in China. She also loves to print huge photos of the small paintings she has sold to important and rich collectors in situ, hanging in their houses or offices, and then displays these demonstrates of connection-correct-strutting as works of art in themselves. A further “conceptual” piece was her imitation chic boutique in a gallery, where she had stacks of knitted sweaters, each bearing across the front one of the titles of her “hit” exhibitions. Feeble Painting and frail Neo-Conceptualism --- you can hardly get more Consensus Correct, and it appears to work well for her career. One of the world’s best galleries, inclusion in many many major shows, several important curator prizes recently. Her worst paintings are not in internet, but here are few of the “better” ones, and the "conceptual photographs" and the sweaters.







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