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20 January 2014

John Perreault’s Artopia Blog Site on Art Bubbles

First published October 28, 2007


In his recent article “Zhang Huan, Stark Naked and Covered With Flies,” Perreault discusses and dissects some artworld bubbles. Two excerpts:

Artopia pays no attention to the Chinese art bubble, nor to the bigger art bubble in general. Bubbles come and go. The Bigger Bubble is tied to the stock market. The stock market drops and the art market follows one year later. It has happened twice on my watch. Now it is real estate, everywhere but in New York City high-income zip codes, that is plummeting. Will art follow?”


“It would be enough to say in a wall text that Zhang now has more studio assistants that Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Matthew Barney combined. Furthermore, it is not much of a novelty to reveal that an artist does most of his work by pointing his finger, the way super-rich gardeners do their gardening on their Long Island estates. Current studio practice makes Andy Warhol's Factory seem hands-on.”

Read it all here.

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