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16 November 2010

Martina AltSchaefer, German artist of drawing, interviewed on Bad at Sports

This week on Bad at Sports I interview Martina AltSchaefer.This is the first of two interviews with German artists I conducted on the island of Elba, Italy. Martina AltSchaefer is an artist living in Rüssellsheim, Germany. She studied with the famed Konrad Kapheck and her creative work centers on very large, labor-intensive drawing in colored pencil on translucent paper. AltSchaefer has exhibited in many prestigious galleries and museums. She also does printmaking and is an expert on mezzotint, about which she has curated shows and written essays. She was in an invitational retreat in July as a working guest of a foundation on the island of Elba along with Viennese jazz pianist and composer Martin Reiter, New York playwright Sony Sobieski, Berlin artist Alexander Johannes Kraut (the interviewee in part two) and me, Mark Staff Brandl, the EuroShark, Bad at Sports Continental and now also islandal European Bureau. And for all the Napoleon fans, especially those commenting on Facebook, they were not in exile and even Mark was allowed back on the mainland without having to invade it.
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