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17 April 2011

Brandl Painting-Object in MerzWelt Exhibition in Cabaret Voltaire

Here is one photo of the Painting-Object (titled 45s Drawer) which I have in the MerzWelt exhibition in the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. The CB is an art center in the original space which was indeed a cabaret where Dada was created in Zurich in 1916. The show is an homage to Kurt Schwitters and his Merzbau(en). The show is from 14 April –21 August 2011. It includes many artists whose works are exhibited within a kind of Merzbau filling the space, made of cardboard. In my piece there are about 20 45s represented life-sized and 5 movable separate movable ones, including one not seen here which is an homage to Schwitters's Ursonata, titled Urblues. All are my own inventions of potential 45s that do not, however, exist. Such as a Garage Rock version of John Cage's 4'33" of Silence, Marcel Duchamp's Erratum Musical, The Handcuffs, "Meet Brandl," a single of my PhD dissertation,  a record by my pets and more.

Link to show here.


15 April 2011

Podcast: Interview with Latvian Painter Ieva Maurite by Mark Staff Brandl

This week: Mark Staff Brandl talks to Ieva Maurite, a young Latvian artist living in Riga. Brandl, (the Bad at Sports Continental European Office and EuroShark) interviewed her during her visiting artist gig in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Maurite is a painter, book artist and art academy instructor who has also had residencies in Paris, Iceland and many other parts of Europe.

Maurite and Brandl discuss the itinerant European artist life, art study and the artworld in Latvia, Maurite’s difficult-to-photograph linear imagistic paintings and generally have fun meandering around art topics while Brandl fails to pronounce anything in Latvian correctly including her name (which begins with an “i”, by the way, in case Richard and Duncan screw up this paragraph.)