MSB brainstorming

03 November 2011

Brandl: My Table Artwork, with Four Other Artists: Ungers, Roth, Boetschi, Richardson.

30 years ago I had an idea that I was finally able to realize this year: for my dining room table to be a work of art. Or rather four (or five) that is. I had a solid pearwood top made at a great local cabinetmakerr/carpenter shop with four legs to my and my wife Cornelia's specifications (10 cm square).

Then the four legs were each made into artworks by four artist friends of mine. the first here is a work by the older traditional Swiss "Bauermalerei" husband and wif team of Hermann and Vreni Unger. The four sides are in the traditional Appenzell style, of scenery, each side one season, with many of my favorite things incorporated (like the mountain Säntis, a Schitterbiig, etc.). The 6 cows are had carved, all high bas.-relief, and each different. The second is by a very young comic and illustration artist, Julia Roth (also of Switzerland). A tapestry of her beautiful comic sketches in black on a light yellow background. The third is a tribute to my late friend, the geometric painter Charles Boetschi, who died a few years ago surprisingly and way too young. Charles was inetrenational --- born in Hong Kong, raised in Japan, studied inn NYC, half Swiss and half English. He had promised to do one like his paintings, yet passed away before doing so. So I did his idea as he wished. The fourth is by artist and fine art furniture maker David Richardson from the US. It is either rain or rays of the sun cut into the leg. The fifth work of art is my idea to have it all come together.

Finally my wife found some excellent high-quality transparent acrylic, designer, chairs. Thanks to the artists. I love each leg and the whole object!

 The dining room with the table and chairs.

The table.

 The Unger leg.

The Roth leg.

The Boetschi leg.

The Richardson leg.