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12 November 2006

Belcher: Visiting Artists?

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Call for proposals from UK-based visual artists

Visiting Arts is pleased to announce the third edition of the Artist to
Artist International Scheme. The Scheme provides an opportunity for
artists from the UK to invite artists from overseas to visit them for up
to a week between 19 and 31 March 2007. The purpose of the scheme is to
bring together artists who are aware of each others' practice and to
support new dialogues across international borders.

The selected overseas artist will spend a week with the UK artist, visit
their studio, meet contacts, network and discuss ideas. The emphasis is
on the development and research process rather than production and there
is no prescribed outcome to the scheme.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any professional, practising UK based artist can apply to invite an
artist of their choice from overseas to visit them in the UK for one
week for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The visits will take
place between 19 and 31 March 2007 with a one-day event for all the
artists participating in the scheme to meet.

Artists who have worked together previously or who are already involved
in a collaboration are not eligible to apply - the scheme is intended
for new dialogues not as a research and development scheme for projects
already underway.

We specifically welcome applications from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Wherever possible we encourage proposals that involve artists living in
countries under-represented in the UK.

The deadline for applications is Monday 18 December 2006.

For more information and details of how to apply please go to:

Or email:

This Scheme is supported by Visiting Arts; The Henry Moore Foundation;
Scottish Arts Council; Arts Council of Northern Ireland and British Council.

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