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22 November 2006

Litsios: Jean-Pierre Huguet, Le fondateur du CAN est décédé

[Le centre d’art de Neuchâtel (CAN) est orphelin de son fondateur et président. Jean-Pierre Huguet est décédé dimanche dernier d’un arrêt cardiaque à l’âge de 57 ans. Martine Béguin lui rend hommage dans l'émission Dare-Dare sur la RSR.]

Pour m'a part je ne le connaissais pas bien, mais j'ai toujours eu beaucoup d'estime pour lui. C'était quelqu'un d'important pour l'art ici à Neuchâtel et son décès m'attriste.


Jean-Pierre Huguet, one of our important local contemporary art personage here in Neuchâtel died this last weekend of a heart attack at the age of 57. He was the founder of the "centre d’art de Neuchâtel" among other things and was really an interesting fellow who was driven by passion. If I got his story right, he was an electrician who encountered art while working in the museum in Neuchâtel and who later started organizing exhibitions of contemporary art wherever he could.
He was someone I wish I had know better.

[edited Nov. 23rd: For those who understand French I changed the radio link, now it goes directly to the short RSR radio blurb. However I don't know how long it will be up, probably just until the end of the week.]

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