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12 November 2006

Judith Trepp: Blogger Intro

I am Judith Trepp, one of the (hopefully) recurring bloggers here at Swiss Art Sharkforum. I'm an American-Swiss painter, originally from New York. I have been living in Zurich (Thalwil) for the past 35 years and spend time each year at my studio in Provincetown, Ma.,USA.

My style of painting is very spare -- I call it "expressive minimalism." In most works are only two lines made with charcoal or paint stick on canvas painted with egg tempera and/or oil. The idea is to create an emotional impact with as few tools or visual props as possible. Also, it is a means of working in which the first chance is the only chance -- a bit of dare-devilness or "all or nothing" about it.

I show regularly with Art Forum Ute Barth in Zurich. I just had (September 14-28 October) a large one person show with work from 2005-2006 there. The gallery will also be exhibiting at KUNST ZURICH this week a solo show of my work, including work from 2000 onwards. (Art Forum Ute Barth, Stand G2) I will be at the Preview and Vernissage.

I write off and on for ArtNews and Art in America and one of my goals at Swiss Sharkforum is to write occasional reviews of art shows taking place in this area. However, you might also be reading reports on art from my journeys around the world.

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Trailer Star said...

Hello Judith

thanks for intro

I will try and get individual members of Goldfactory to post introductions of themselves too.

Interesting paintings and you may find the artists represented by my friends at Rocket Gallery London interesting..