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09 December 2013

Themes for Possible Articles (October 23, 2006)


(Originally posted Octber 23, 2006. I still need to do most of them!)

Here's some themes I've been rolling around in my head for potential development as forthcoming posts on Sharkforum. Let's see which ones interest readers the most.
1. Clique Sleaze Cultivation vs. Actual Self-Confidence

2. Strings of Buzz Words: Why Can't Most Artists Make Any Sense When They Talk?

3. What We Need in Order to Develop a Genuine Art Scene

4. Why Consensus Reasoning Destroys Art

5. The "Death" of the Curator --- How The Old–Pal Network Determines the Limits of Their Options

6. The Neo-Conceptual Mannerist Academy

7. Let's define "CC" Art --- Curatorially Correct Art

8. Let's Define "TC" Art --- Technologically Correct Art

9. It's Your Artworld, Take it Back

10. What's Dead is Saying "The Death Of"

11. "Put in Our Place" --- Beyond Veiled Insult, What Would Genuine Overview Exhibitions of "Regional" Artists Look Like?

12. PoMo: Frozen in Neo-Neo-Neo-Neo-Neo-Dada?

13. Careerism, Sophistry and Art Potentates --- The Career Ladder Replaces Appreciation

14. Pintophobia, The Fear of Painting: The Greatest Neurosis in the Artworld

15. The Triumph of New Garage Rock --- Or, Why We Need "Garage" Art

16. Neo-Conceptual Artists as Wanna-Be Bureaucrats

17. Actually, Philosophically Observed, So-Called Non-Object Art is Still an Aesthetic and Mercantile Object, OR: Stop Patting Yourself on the Back for Making Non-Commercial Art While Selling it Through Grant Funding

18. Know Your History or You'll Fall for Lies

19. The Dominance of Theory is NOT the Same as a Supremacy of One Style


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I personally would love to hear artists' thoughts on #14 'pintophobia.' But am also particularly interested in #2 'buzzwords.' But in general, we need to hear more artists' voices here, so any topic is fine with me!

Thanks fo the input, Lynne. I'll start thinking about them.
(I had to fix my numbering, which was out of whack.) I'd also love to hear from a curator openly speaking about number 5, although one curator friend who did actually discuss this told me that she was severely punished and poo-pooed for doing so by her professional colleagues, so maybe it is NOT a good idea! I changed it too, as I realized as I re-read it that I didn't mean limits of "thought" --- one can usually think much farther than one can act, well, at least thoughtful people can --- I meant limits of possible action, of "options." I didn't wish to express an insulting death wish, but something along the lines of the Death of The Author --- the fact that the way things interact now, choices seem to be almost pre-programmed and almost unavoidable, and almost don't need (or want) individualistic curators (or artists or critics).

I'm particularly fond of:
18. Know Your History or You'll Fall for Lies
It kind of sums all the other ones up, for me at least.

I really love this, and the image is great too. Please send instruction on how we can execute such an excellent effest - tha panorama effect is tremendous - it really helps show off the work!

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