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24 December 2013

The Collapsible Kunsthalle in the Musée d'art Neuchatel

First Published June 17, 2006


The Collapsible Kunsthalle
from June 25th to September 17th 2006
will be presenting Pas tout seul!
Two solo installations by artists Steve Litsios and Mark Staff Brandl

For this occasion the Kunsthalle has a "temporary extension" in the form of the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Museum of Art and History Neuchatel), where the group exhibition Pas tout seulcan also be seen.

Musée d'art et d'histoire
Esplanade Léopold-Robert 1
CH-2001 Neuchâtel

Tél. ++41 (0)32 717.79.20

The Collapsible Kunsthalle (tm) (homepage is a functioning contemporary, non-collecting museum of art operating since 2003. What makes it unique, however, is that this Kunsthalle is indeed collapsible, folding together and fitting into a common, leather attaché case. It is not a model, as it is not a study for anything larger, just a very tiny Kunsthalle. --- The scale works out to 1:15. That’s about half-Barbie/G.I. Joe-size, or normal small super-hero action figure-size.

A variety of international artists have been in exhibitions in the Collapsible Kunsthalle, ranging from the famous to new discoveries, from London, LA, NYC, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt and elsewhere --- all with works custom-made for the space, whether video, painting, sculpture, artist book or installation. These artists have included Mark Francis, Hildegard Spielhofer, Dave Muller, Basim Magdy, Marianne Rinderknecht, Clare Goodwin, Peter Noser, Jeff Hoke, Maddy Rosenberg, Stefan Rohner, Nicky Hirst, Alex Meszmer, The Unknown Art Vigilante and a recreation-cum-forgery of a Marcel Duchamp work.

Steve Litsios was born in 1959 near Boston and lived in Washington DC until his family moved to Geneva Switzerland in 1967.

He studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 70's and is active internationally as an artist since 1983. He now lives in the small city of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Swiss Jura mountains. The artist was at first identifiable by colorful abstract relief oil paintings, in the early 90's he also worked at wood, stone and bronze sculptures as well as with acrylics. In 1998, the monumental "Slice of Air" was his first site specific work. A choice of recent installations and works can be viewed at his website.

Mark Staff Brandl is a Sharkforum contributor. You can look his bio up on the site here .


Thus two bi-cultural artists, both US American and Swiss, one from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the other from the German-speaking part, have combined forces in the latest Collapsible Kunsthalle exhibition. The photos here were taken during the hanging of the show and are not final. More, better and final photos will be seen in an up-coming blog.

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