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30 March 2007

Belcher: Aesthetic Grounds...

Very interesting post re. 'Vernacular' and plagiarism on this blog at present

Public Art, Plagiarism & Vernacular

also they looking for art critics...must be some out there???

Aesthetic GroundsThe dialogue on public art and public space has almost no American art critics. We need some.
Public space is addressed in the socio-political critique of modern culture or in the propaganda of the smart growth, new urbanism and/or green sustainability. And 30 years after the invention of public art, the artists and administrators of the genre are afraid to establish criteria beyond acceptance or tolerance. To have critics of these art forms, new verbal and visual images must flow everyday. With consistent writing to focus thoughts, empathy and make-believe, aesthetic grounds emerge. The human pleasures of public art and public space deepen - and that is the goal of this blog. Glenn Weiss, January 24, 2007

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