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18 October 2006

Intro: Blogger Steve Litsios

NT. (still from “Devoured by Demons”)  Steve Litsios 2006

Mark wrote: “Litsios is an artist from the western, French-speaking section of Switzerland, who will hopefully help contribute to a discussion between these areas, one long absent.”
This makes me feel the need to start the introduction of myself with the following comment:

Comme c'est un fait que j'habite en Suisse Romande, c'en est aussi un que ma participation aide ce blog à franchir symboliquement le Röstigraben. Ceci-dit et pour que ce soit clair: je ne suis pas particulièrement bien placé, ni qualifié pour tenir ici un rôle de correspondant local représentant la Romandie.

--It's a fact that I live in French-speaking Switzerland. However it should be clear to all that I am not well placed or qualified to be a correspondent representing the French-speaking Romands in any way.-- (A link for readers curious about Switzerland's different regions.)


I am fascinated with the blogosphere for many reasons and have been using its "landscape" in my work, but being more of a watching from the corner than a dancing on the main floor type, my actual participation has been mostly nonexistent. However La Chaux-de-Fonds - where I live - is small, which does not mean without interest, but does mean small. And it's a fact that there are not that many groups of people on the web interested in constructive debate about the Swiss or other artworlds. Whether this is possible remains to be seen, these days critical discussion of art often seems politically incorrect, near impossible and mostly beside the point. Three good reasons to accept Mark's offer to participate in his blog; with hope that it disproves those thoughts and develops into something dynamic.

Currently I am working with elements found within my last large installation Demonstrating Water With Stones - more about me can be found on my website.

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