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29 June 2015

"Covers" paintings blog

I have a new additional project, a blog documenting my 450+ "Covers" artworks created from 2001 until 2015. These are paintings or drawings in oil, acrylic and ink on paper, canvas or board in various sizes, but usually small (about A4-A3). They recognizably utilize the structure of comic-book covers, or Show-Card lettering posters, with title, bold lettering, price, date, numbering, image and so on. They usually have been usually exhibited in groups, as installations and as "footnotes" to my large painting-installations. I will be trying to post one every couple days, thus the complete group will take me about 2 years.

Die "Covers"-Werke sind Gemälde in verschiedenen Formaten, welche die Sichtstruktur der Comic-Heft-Titelseiten und Show-Card Schriftmalerei verwenden. 


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