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01 December 2012

Mark Staff Brandl --- Weltuntergang? Nein, Kunst! End of the World? No, it's Art.

Mein Aufsatz in Comic/sequenzieller Kunst-Form. Für Saiten, Kultur Zeitschrift St. Gallen, Schweiz. My Essay in comic form for the cultural magazine Saiten, St.Gallen, Switzerland. Dezember 2012.

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English translation:
End of the World? Nah, it's only a renowned international art exhibition!
We have the wrong invitation card! Apocalypses, art show openings, --- they look so much alike...

SAITEN asked me if I could talk about 3 "Art Shows that Should be Thrown Away" from the year 2012 (for their End of the World December issue). Instead, I will suggest art ideas from 3 shows for this.

1. I was a part of dOCUMENTA 13 (thanks to Critical Art Ensemble), in Kassel germany. It was fun, much better, e.g., than the anti-painting, puritanical documenta X. However, dOC 13 was still anti-visual. Nothing to SEE!

We nees VISUAL ART in the visual artworld. Not only TEXT TEXT TEXT
TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT. I wish for a wonderful apocalypse of the TEXT-dominance of art.

2.Peter Doig, London., makes painting for people who hate this discipline. I wish for a fantastic apocalypse of such pureposefully feeble painting.

3. Last & least. Rirkrit Tirivanija presented as art a soup dinner in the Grand Palais, Paris. 

I wish for a refreshing apocalypse of such silly "my-assistants-will-make-a-stupid-event-for-the-rich-art-patrons-Spectaclism" art.

In conclusion: there are some apocalypses that are desirable.

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