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07 August 2009

Art Basel 2009 Art Fair Podcast

Mark Staff Brandl, Continental European Correspondent for the renowned art "radio" podcast "Bad at Sports" roams the Basel Art Fair 2009 with guest co-host Peter Noser, gallerist, curator and artist. They comment primarily on the “main fair,” but also cursorily on Scope, Volta, the Solos Show, die Liste (and look forward to a Bridge addition next year). Additional walk-on voices include Maya LaLive d’Epinay, Martin Kraft, Alex Meszmer, many others, and a few seconds of Olga Stefan. Mark managed to wipe-out some excellent comments, or record them so poorly that they were unusable. Ce la technologie. A quick but comprehensive look at the “real” Basel, the most important international art fair, the Queen yet also Great Whore of Babylon.

Brandl made some multiples especially for the fair including pins and his T-shirt in the photo. They all bore the Latin phrase “Abite in Malam crucem, artis nundinae!”, signed Marcus Scipio Incendiolus. Or, roughly in English, “Screw Art Fairs!” In German, as appropriate for Basel, that’s “Zum Teufel mit Kunstmessen!”

Listen here.

Direct download here.

Some of the names dropped and/or people who appeared:
Andre Emmerich
Tracy Williams Gallery
Georgina Starr
Anna Craycroft
Eugène Leroy
Jonathan Lasker
Galerie Mark Müller
Christina Streuli
Reto Boller
Brigitte Kemann
Jean Luc Moulène
Feeble Painting
Zilla Leutenegger
Roman Signer
Pipilotti Rist
Bice Curiger
Parkett magazine
Kunsthaus Zürich
Bettina Funcke
Art in America
Marconi Gallery
Lari Pittman
Regen Projects
Rob Pruitt – Gavin Brown Enterprise
Ilya and EmiliaKabakov
Chen Zhen
David Reed
Yan Pei Ming
Paddy Johnson – Art Fag City
Thomas Woodley – Bildmanufaktur
Marianne Rinderknecht
Knoedler Gallery
Scope Art Fair
The Solo Project Art Fair
Red Dot Art Fair
Design Miami Basel Art Fair
Volta Art Fair
Die ListeArt Fair
Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz
Tag Fine Arts – MJ Hobby- Limon
Katsutoshi Yuasa
Japanese Printing (without a press)
Victoria and Albert Museum
Olga Stefan
Galerie Klaus Benden
Monique Meloche Gallery

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