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06 July 2008

Interview with Mark Staff Brandl at myartspace>blog

Brian Sherwin, artist and art blogger has interviewed me, the EuroShark for his website, myartspace>blog. Sherwin, originally from Illinois and now living in California, has conducted and published a series of interviews with visual artists including William T. Wiley and others. You can read his piece with me here.

The newest interviews appear here.

AUCH NEU gibt es ein kurzes Video Interview mit MSB auf Deutsch auf youtube hier.

You can also still access the recorded radio podacst interview Jason Miner did on Comic Book Talk Radio with MSB here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark--
I enjoyed learning more about you and your work. Love your advice to artists. Love the flaming paintbrush in your picure. Love your work, which crosses boundaries and borders--just like you. All the best.