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24 May 2007

Dreaming Monk: Zap through concepts

zap through conceptsIsn't contemporary art great! So much better than all those dusty old paintings that took hours to look at because there was just too much to digest. Now you can go look at an exhibition, pop through it in no time whatsoever, be delighted with it all and go on to the next one.
It's the greatest thing, and whats more you don't need to worry about being smart or educated enough to understand anything. The zap through concepts that many hot young artists are chugging out these days are shrewdly calculated to nudge you exactly where it's needed to trigger that automated response! You are putty in their expert hands so enter freely and cast all your foolish worries aside!

And it's perfect since there just isn't enough time in todays society for over complicated art anyway, simply too many other fun things to do.

Its made me think that the time has come to cough up a word for these new masters of communication. After all the word "art" stinks of old fashion highbrow mothballs and doesn't mean much anymore.

Any ideas anyone?

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