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06 January 2007

Oliver Kielmayer: New We Are The Artists

The newest We Are The Artists publication is now available, either at most Swiss museums and Kunsthallen, or as a direct pdf download. This is an enjoyable newspaper/newsletter based in Zurich with the involvement of curator Oliver Kielmayer, artist Clare Goodwin and her K3 people. As Kielmayer writes:

WeAreTheArtists 9 out now!
Updates from Belgrade, Brasov, Pristhina, Rotterdam, Tsuchizawa and Zurich

Art and the City
ArtsCharts from Zurich
Centrefold by John Stutton

Check out for hard copies at leading places for contemporary art around the world
Pdf download available on

Get real!

Code Flow, Luncheon on the Grass – postproduction by code flow, 2006, videostill

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max (alex Meszmer) said...

Heute mit grossem Vergnügen gelesen!

Gruesse, max