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25 September 2014

Philip Ursprung Laudatio für Mark Staff Brandl 2013

Laudation, Vernissagerede, von Prof Dr Philip Ursprung zur Painting-Installation Ausstellung "My Metaphor(m)" in (28 February - 18 April) 2013 in Jedlitschka Gallery, Zürich. Speech by Prof Dr Philip Ursprung for the Opening Reception of the painting-installation exhibition "My Metaphor(m)" in (28 February - 18 April) 2013 at the Jedlitschka Gallery in Zurich Switzerland. In German. Auf Deutsch.

I was very lucky and happy to have Dr Philip Ursprung, the best art historian in Europe as my PhD prof/advisor ("Doktorvater" in Deutsch) and to get him later to speak at my opening (he never does that as he is so busy). And he was very amusing! Opening Reception speech, Vernissage Laudatio, in German, auf Deutsch. A short film excerpt by Axel Kirchhoff.

The exhibition is documented here.

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