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10 April 2013

Brandl: Detail of Painting-Installation 2013

A detail of the back wall of the installation. I incorporated the back door and window making them into a representation of a store window, as part of that sections homage to past influences (with a large part of 'memento mori'), as my Dad Earl was also a display man /(visual merchandising/polydesigner as they are now called), as well as sign painter. Above the window is a painting of Gene Colan, my hero, and to the left is Clifford Meth, a great author and Gene fan, who also stands for authors I have worked with like Daniel Ammann, Peter Benno Gillis and so on. To the right is a smaller portrait of gene, which he saw before his death. On the door is a display tech image with two small 3-stone lithos on it. To the right of this area is the huge sequence with my life-sized self-portrait and all. Coming soon! The panorama of the whole painting-installation is here:

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