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13 June 2008

Moogee in Baltimore..


‘Conrad Atkinson Remix 1978-2008′ by Moogee the Art Dog

has been selected for ‘Penned’

at the Pinkard Gallery, Bunting Center, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore

An exhibition of pen and/or marker drawings including photographs of the pens used to make them. The more than 100 drawings in this exhibition cover a broad range of pens from the generic ball point to the traditional rapid-o-graph and feather quill to the modern array of jell and artists’ pens.

This exhibition will travel to Ellipse Arts Center, Arlington, VA and Lump Gallery/Projects, Raleigh, NC and possible other galleries in the coming years.

Artscape Baltimore Website


Anonymous said...

I love that drawing. I would like to see it as a huge painting (really)!

Anonymous said...

there was a huge painting of the original by me in the early seventies now lost