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31 December 2007

Joanne Mattera: Art Basel Miami Coverage

The Basel Miami Fair(s) covered from head to toe by Joanne Mattera. Almost all of ‘em. Mattera, a painter, does an excellent job. Check out her comments and images. at the Joanne Mattera Art Blog.

Her blog is a multipart report, one post per venue plus the prologue. The entries are posted sequentially, and as Joanna says, “There is a narrative to my reporting, so I hope you'll follow it through to the end.”

“By all accounts the mood going into Miami was wary. Dealers in general were fearful that the bubble was about to burst, and the smaller dealers were concerned that the greater number of satellite fairs this year would dilute their sales. Apparently the big guns had no problems; Gagosian sold $10 million worth of art, according to Bloomberg News. Among the smaller galleries in the satellite fairs, the mood lifted as sales began to rack up. Many smaller galleries sold out, and most at least broke even. The mood going out was simply weary.”
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