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19 September 2015

Deskilling / Entfähigung

Deskilling in art --- "Entfähigung" in der Kunst --- ist eine Illusion der Frechheit als bieder Ersatz für echte Kritik. It is an Illusion of"cheekiness" as a middlebrow substitute for real critique.

07 September 2015

Labelling Oneself

I'm a radical constitutionalist democratic pragmatic stoic Westian-prophetic pragmatist with late-Wittgensteinian New Historicist/Cultural Materialist rebelous anti-Aesthetic-Academicist and Zen Eckhartian Christian leanings. How's that!

Mark Staff Brandl Braid Art History Time Line, Zopf-Kunstgeschichte-Zeittabelle

(Click on image to see a bit larger,

A very high resolution image is here, Link.)

As many may know, as part of my PhD dissertation I developed a timeline in the form of a braided rope. This I discovered had been also thought about by John Perrault. Thus we collaborated and named it the Brandl/Perrault Braid Model of the Art History Time Line.
I discussed it all here in English: Link

Above is an image of it for future reference, although I modify, add to, and develop it further each year. This is a work in progress. In German and English.